Hello I am Anne! A passionate graphic design student of the faculty of design, Augsburg. I am twenty-six years old, and my mind is full of ideas and colorful thoughts. Mostly I am interested in the connection between creating the perfect idea and finding the solution to design something individual and wonderful. Self- reflection and the confrontation with my personal surrounding is mostly important to grow further. I am  perfectionist of my art and deeply interested in finding new ways of creation. I work detailed and always try to connect analog and digital techniques. I am open-minded and looking forward to manage new challenges of any type. In my free time I do spent a lot of time in nature and forests. Furthermore, I am deeply inspired by the beauty and diversity of nature. Mainly in the structures, materials and shapes. In my spare time I am also intensely working on the creation of paper cut and sculptures. Traveling, singing and dancing are the key to new inspiration and relaxation for me. I love having a chat with friends, visiting art exhibitions and meeting them in the evening for delicious food and dancing my heart out.
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