Fertility of Nature, is a project that deals with fertility within the female sex, but also with that of our planet. The digital drawing, is the first level of the content and visual concept, deals with the topic of the gynaecological disease of endometriosis and the question of fertility. The topic of fertility usually seems so easy and beautiful, but it also conceals a lot of pain and sadness. Femininity does not automatically mean being fertile. The context is rewritten to a second level of meaning through the combination of silhouette and digital drawing. The theme of environmental destruction and the destruction of the fertility of the planet by the human species. Whole ecosystems are destroyed by our way of life. The well-being of our planet provides the basis of our existence.
Endometriosis is the main cause of female infertility. It is a gynaecological disease, which belongs to the group of diseases called group of diseases called fibroids. It is benign and mainly affects the gynaecological area of the body, such gynaecological area of the body, as the Douglas space, fallopian tubes, the uterus (adenomyosis) and in some cases, the bladder and the gastrointestinal tract. Approximately 2-15 % of all women of childbearing age develop and suffer endometriosis. In Germany alone, this corresponds to about 40,000 women every year. A pronounced symptom of the diseaseis severe menstrual pain and bleeding. Women who suffer from this symptoms and feel abnormal pain, should should consult a specialist. For women who suffer from severe period pain, in 45-60% of cases endometriosis as the cause. 20-50 % are affected by an unfulfilled desire to have children. The growth of endometriosis is hormone-dependent and with the onset of the menopause, the symptoms caused by the disease almost always end.
Does being a woman mean being fertile? What does femininity feel like and why is it described in terms of being fertile? Appearances can be deceptive. What seems so incredibly obvious from the outside may even seem impossible for some women. Ironic when you consider that Mother Nature created us to give birth to new life. Sometimes hope seems great and the light smiles at you. Other times, everything seems bleak and cold. Deeply overgrown and hopeless. Like roots that have grown into the depths of the earth and can hardly be loosened. Everything hurts and seems unbearable. Not visible from the outside and yet not curable. A stabbing pain, as if caused by thorns. A pain that blossoms again and again and hardly leaves you cold. Overgrown like a bramble bush that scatters and makes the garden bear fruit and blossom, but can hardly be removed from the earth and everything around it goes wild. Even if you remove it, it can still be felt. Deeply overgrown and uncontrollable. Sometimes it makes me feel where my limits are. It makes me understand better and helped me to be mindful and considerate of myself. To set boundaries and listen to signals. To be grateful to my body for its strength. It is a part of me and fighting against it did not help me. It's a battle against myself that I don't want to fight. Our earth, a place of fertility. The mother nature that gave us life, we wantonly destroy day after day. It almost reminds me of the bramble bush that keeps growing and growing, destroying and destroying everything around it by its very existence. We are wiping out species that are fertility and wealth for our planet. We should see the fertility of life and the beauty of species as an enrichment. We should reconnect more with our origins. To appreciate the the sound, diversity and colours of our nature and to be conscious of this to be aware of this connection again, because fertility means life.​​​​​​​

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