The developed concept is based on the idea of developing a product that promotes the child's individuality on     a deep level, far away from constraints and guidelines. The development of the product and the identity of the brand are based on educational expertise on my part as a qualified kindergarten teacher and my skills as a designer. In cooperation with the Max Planck Institute for Human Development in Berlin and the Children's Cognition Centre at the Central European University, a play concept was developed that promotes individual interest formation in free play. Free play is the only true form of learning in early childhood. The focus is on self-realisation. "Melouli - My Little Big World" combines the home and nature as places of well-being and thus offers the child the space to freely develop his or her creativity and personality. Nature is seen as an essential space  for promoting individuality. Home as a place of safety and well-being. Melouli encourages children to interact with nature and discover the variety of special natural forms. This is because the play set can be expanded with    self-collected natural materials according to individual preferences. 

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